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10 Tricks That Will Change the Way You Search on Google

Google is the most popular search engine in the world. However, did you know that there are special characters and words that you can include in your search to get even better results? Try following tricks on your next Google search to get more accurate results.

01. Use quotes (“”) to search for an exact word or phrase
If you put your search terms inside of double-quotes, Google renders only the pages with that exact phrase which you put inside the quotes. For example, if you search for ancient city of Polonnaruwa, Google search results includes only the pages with the phrase ancient city of Polonnaruwa.

Alternatively, if you are beginner you can use this method to check your writings by searching parts of your sentences on Google. If the Google search yields some results you get some idea about your writing.

02. Search for wildcards or unknown words (use * within the quotes)
You can use asterisks (*) within the quotes to specify variables or unknown words. Google will find the pages with results that have some words in the pace of asterisks.

This useful if you are trying to find specific phrases but do not remember the certain words in it. You can replace words that you do not remember with asterisks and Google will find the missing words.

Also, you can improve your writing skills by studying the use of words in sentences by searching them on the Google with the combination of asterisks and quotes.

03. Use the minus sign (-) to exclude results containing specific keyword
If you want to exclude results containing specific keywords, you can add minus sign (-) in front of keywords. For example, if you want to search for “what is internet” and you do not want results with “Wikipedia”, you can search;
what is internet -Wikipedia

04. Search within a specific website
If you want to search something on a specific site, put “site:” in front of the site or domain. for example, you can search;

“ancient city of Polonnaruwa”

05. Limit the time period
With Google search, you can specify the expected time period for your search results. After you run the search, click “tools” (below the search bar) and a new menu will appear below. Select/ define the appropriate time period from the “Any Time” drop-down menu.

06. Search for file types
If you want to search for a specific filetype, add it to the end of the search with “filetype:” command. For example, if you want to search for “excel for beginners” and you want to have results with PDF; you can search;

“excel for beginners” filetype:PDF

07. Search for related sites
You can search for sites similar to sites by putting “related:” in front of the domain you already know. For example; you can search for sites similar to “” as below;

08. Translate words and phrases into different languages
You can use Google search to translate words and phrases into different languages. For example, you can translate the word “wildcard” to Sinhala by searching as below;

translate wildcard to Sinhala

09. Unit and currency conversions
You can use Google search for units and currency conversions. For example; search term 15USD to LKR will convert 15USD into Sri Lankan Rupees. To convert 15ft into meters, use 15ft to m.

10. Search in titles
If you put “intitle:” in front of your search query, Google render pages with the title which include the word placed right after the “intitle:”.

If you use “allintitle:”, Google render the pages with all the words put after it.

For example;

intitle:WordPress CMS render pages with term “WordPress” in the titles

allintitle:WordPress CMS render pages with both terms “WordPress” and “CMS” in the titles

3 Factors That Have Impacted The Indonesian App Development Industry The Most

The sector of mobile app development in Indonesia has progressed amazingly in the global ecosystem. It is a young and growing industry with a massive potential of attracting huge foreign and domestic investment. With the number of mobile apps coming to the market every day, the amount of revenue generated by the Indonesian mobile app industry is astonishingly high. By upgrading their capabilities and offerings in line with emerging technologies, the mobile app development companies over here have shown strong character and readiness to face present-day challenges.< app development market in Indonesia-

Rise in mobile-phone penetration and decline in data costs

The number of Indonesians with access to internet is growing fast and has grown by nearly seven times since 2009. Currently, the country has a smartphone user base of over 60 million, with smartphone penetration reaching Tier III and IV cities, due to the availability of more affordable smartphones. Indonesia has established itself as one of Asia’s foremost mobile-first nations. After China and India, the third-largest smartphone market in the Asia-Pacific region is Indonesia. Online retail is growing rapidly in Southeast Asia’s largest economy because both Internet and smartphone penetration are rising sharply. E-commerce apps are enjoying great popularity among the Indonesians and app development companies are coming up with brilliant features with their apps each and every day.

Reliance on app-based services

From accessing tutorial classes and booking cabs, to making restaurant reservations and shopping online, young Indonesian population are relying on apps for almost every reason. The days of visiting the websites for daily activities are over as mobile apps made it easier for every one of us to buy, sell or even run a business. We are getting heavily app-dependent, and taking this growing propensity among the user, Indonesian app development firms are involving in crafting more specialized apps that will offer a fantastic user experience. With lots of potential growth in semi-rural and rural, different types of online shopping apps are allowing Indonesian consumers to source, buy and find hard-to-find goods. The way things are going, it is not hard to imagine that in the coming future, almost every service will be given via customized apps.

Investments of foreign Technology firms

Large tech companies such as Expedia, Google, Alibaba are investing heavily on Indonesia and this country is flooded by foreign capital making it the largest economy in Southeast Asia. Tech-entrepreneurs from all over the world are showing their interest in this country and certainly, it has helped for the 360- degree development of Indonesia’s Information and Technology sector. Today Indonesia is one of the world’s fastest-growing Internet markets, as well as home to many newly-minted tech unicorns. Renowned mobile app development companies are sharing their technology with the Indonesian firms, hiring talented persons to their company, starting up new ventures and most importantly sharing their technical skills.

Even a few years ago, Indonesia used to rely heavily on the tech-giant India for its IT projects. But the country has made a remarkable progress in IT sector and become a self-dependent country to cater all the technological needs of the nation as well as offering digital assistance to the other countries. As Indonesians ascend to the higher echelons of consumerism, Indonesians will purchase more, shop more, and do more with the mobile application. A summation of multiple factors such as technological, economical and socio-political in nature, have impacted the Indonesian app development industry in recent times.

Characteristics Of A Successful Selling Method

Offer data relating to the products and the services.

The 1st feature of an effective selling technique is a site that gives details on the subject of the goods and the service they are offering. The benefit of that is we may sell those items and solutions online. Selling is a skill to be grown. It needs a lot of comprehension to find what the client is trying to find and then satisfying his/her needs.

Obtain the total particular attention of the reader.

It is highly essential to obtain the total focus of your audience. The content of the concept should be help to make the reader think. This can certainly be achieved by applying power words, and also color and visuals. Now that the interest is grabbed, it needs to be maintained till the end of the message. The client should be motivated to take a few action and their participation should be wanted. They can easily be made to register for newsletters or may be designed to take the survey by viewing the company’s website.

The customer should be persuaded to get the product.

All the highlights of the organization should be given, with the more important ones on the top. They ought to be described realistically throughout these points how the merchandise will satisfy their requirements or resolve their complications. It does just by convincing the consumer regarding this will encourage them to pay for the solution. They should be made to appreciate what amazing things the product can certainly do to him. Solid emotional words must be included in the sentence. The client should possibly fear the loss of the product if he doesn’t acquire it in time or he should be provided the greed of the positive aspects the product can easily offer. These factors will produce a psychological instinct and will make them think that they have no other choice to buy it. They will have a reasonable cause to help to make the purchase. The feelings of the buyer needs to be manipulated with words.

Produce a sense of urgency.

A thing like ‘limited edition’ or ‘limited period offer’ will produce a feeling of emergency. The buyer believes that he/she needs this merchandise in some way. It’s wonderful to have sales frequently, especially to clean out old inventory in the name of a few offers. The products which usually have an apparent damage should be sold out at an unique cost. Nonetheless the harm should be stated to the consumer. If it’s not described, the first time the client will be fooled into buying a thing, but he will certainly loose trust and won’t come back once again.

Usually maintain seasonal sales and offers.

Since all the rivals will be offering diverse offers to entice buyers, it’s a great point to have one, too. Nevertheless it should be appreciated to not to replicate any person. Just an exclusive give will certainly make the consumers not really go to the competitors. Occasionally present free shipping, this works in your benefit. A condition just like if a client consumes special quantity of cash, all products will be delivered for 100 % free. This is an additional appealing deal which usually will certainly tempt the buyer to buy. Thanks to search engines and on the web stores anything at all may be bought from the comfort and ease of the home. Hand out no cost sample to the clients or maintain a pre-sale price for preliminary products. The buyers won’t think double to spend a little cash to try anything new.

The closing of the sales concept.

The ending of the sales concept is where virtually all persons mess it up. The total attempts will be lost if the consumer gets a second thought. He should be persuaded, by great terms, to acquire the product until the incredibly end. The content ought to be organized with treatment. The essential is to inform the client what to do precisely soon after he finishes studying the subject, like ‘Grab the golden chance now’ or ‘get the phone and then dial the number right now’, etc. Do not integrate links or short ad of additional products or services. This will change the concentration of the reader and he may have a second thought. A list of the existing consumers should be managed and from time to time unique offers ought to be mailed to them. So essentially the complete idea is to impact the mind of the buyer till he buys a product.

Make Money Online Completing Micro Tasks

Freelancing becoming more popular everyday.

The young generating is getting seriously into freelancing, making it their first priority. Everybody wants to become their own boss, to really enjoy the life and live without stress. Thanks to technology and specifically the Internet, freelancing has become way much simpler compared to 10 years ago. It’s actually becoming a huge business, where people use their skills to help others at a lower rate.

Short tasks or micro tasks.

Several college students, for example, are working from home. Same for homemakers and stay home mothers. All this is thanks to online platforms that allow anyone to join an accept online jobs from companies. Housewives, for instance, perform micro jobs in their spare time. The good thing is that these jobs require maximum one hour per day to complete. In case you have kids at home, you know how hard it’s to get things done, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work from home. Short tasks or micro tasks are perfect for busy moms. They can earn some good money this way and take care of their kids at the same time. Here is a good list of the tasks you can perform if you’re in that group of people:

Take surveys: you can easily make up to $100 per month just by taking online surveys. All you need to do is perform a Google search for “paid survey sites”. Join several of these sites to increase the income. When you register, use your main email address to receive regular invitations to make new surveys.

  • Most of these surveys pay up to $3 and take up to 45 minutes to complete.
  • You get paid in cash, gift cards, free products, or free entries to sweepstakes.
  • You don’t need to pay to participate in surveys, so if anyone asks you for money to join a survey site, don’t pay them.
  • Check the privacy policy of the website to verify they won’t sell your personal information.

Test websites: participate in something called “remote usability testing”, this means getting paid to navigate a website and provide feedback. Most of these tests take 15 minutes to do, and you get paid up tp $10 per test. One of these tests is about performing a scenario in the client’s website and while recording yourself. An example: go through the process of buying a product on a retailer’s website. You’ll need: a computer, a microphone, fast internet connection.

Tutor students: you can certainly help students by being what is known as online tutors. Nowadays several families really like this option to teach their kids. You can help a kid with his homework or help a college student studying for an exam. It depends on the level of education you have. All you need is your own computer and fast internet. Online companies assign students to you depending on your profile. You get paid from $9 to $30 per hour, it depends on your educational background and the subject you’ll teach.

What To Do Before Booking A Courier Service

Technology has made our world to be on the fast lane. We have finally gotten accustomed to the easy life that anything short of it makes us uncomfortable. When we want to send parcels to friends and loved ones, we expect the dispatcher to be fast. Courier service has become innovative with fast riders, vans and others. Companies involved in sending and receiving parcels work 24/7 to ensure that people are not disappointed. What do you know about courier services?

The following are things you should know before sending out a parcel:

The internet

The internet has made it possible for companies to build their organizations around it. With an online booking feature, you do not need to visit an on-site office. The challenge of meeting unpleasant customer service personnel or wasting your time is completely eliminated when you make use of the online office. Dispatchers are always waiting to move a parcel from one location to another including outside the country.

When you use the online service, you can easily track your parcel. If you are looking for a reliable courier firm, it must have an online presence. Without an online presence, it may be difficult to know what is happening to your parcel.

There are things you should consider when it comes to a dispatcher firm. The first thing that you should consider is time. There are comparisons sites that will help you decide the suitable firm that you need within minutes. A lot of people take a look at comparison sites before they can decide on the firm that they need.

The Time

Time is important when it comes to sending your parcel. There are parcels that are limited with time. What this means is that if they fail to get to their designated location at a particular time, they may get damaged or destroyed. Take for instance, vaccines that may denature when their ice jackets are melted.

High Quality

You should not compromise on a high quality service when looking for affordable dispatcher firms. A suitable dispatcher firm should be able to beat deadline and also deliver the item without damaging. It can be painful when you spend a lot of money in buying an item, and losing it because a dispatcher was careless in handling it.

International Courier Service

Moving items from one country to another has options in timescale. When you want your items to get to its designation within one to three days, you may need to go for the air flights. However, if time is not paramount, you may go for ships. The time duration varies with firms. You should check the policy of a dispatcher before making use of their service.

Whether you are in a developing country or a developed country, the process is the same. It is either you go for a reliable firm that will save you from embarrassment or get stuck with a cheap and unreliable service provider.

6 Simple Things That Will Make Your Company Look Better Online

Mobile Website – You need to have a mobile friendly website for a few reasons. Everyone uses a phone and you need to have an easy user experience and Google likes them for a few other reasons that I will not go into right now. Email with Your Company Name – The days of being able to use free Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail emails are long gone. Those are fine for personal use, but to show a more professional face, always use your company email. You can get them for like $10 a year from whoever you have bought your domain from. Consistent Branding – So you have a great looking website. You love the look and feel, but you don’t follow through on it everywhere. So, to get consistent branding throughout your online presence and properties use the same images and messages across all platforms. It will make you look much more professional. Professional Pictures – Yes you can get away with using your phone camera for a lot of online things, but imagine if you paid someone to have a real photo shoot and take a professional picture for your website and social media. With everyone else using only phone to take picture, you will stand out like a real pro. Professional Videos – It goes the same way for videos and for pictures. Video phone cameras are great for things like video testimonials, but if you want to show off you showroom or you Law practice, nothing will make you look more professional then a hiring a video guy to do a great professional job. Social Media Engagement – Let’s see you post a ton of stuff on Facebook, but do you ever check to see if there are comments made? If you do check is it a week later. How do you engage at that point? It is a tough thing to do, because by then you probably have lost any chance of a sale. That person has moved on. But what if you had a way to get notifications that did not get buried with personally ones from Facebook? My suggestion is to down load an app called “page manager”. It will connect to your business page on Facebook, and notify you when anything is happening on your page. My recommendation is to answer anything within a few minutes. If you don’t you will risk wasting all the time and effort to get the person to your page in the first place.

Top 3 Ways to Earn Passive Income

To be a financially successful person you have to work really hard and there is no way around it. You have to give at least 40 to 50 hours a week to earn an active income. But what if I told you that you can also earn while you sleep? Too good to be true right? But it is true, though it requires a little bit of your time, but again everything worthwhile requires time. You can dedicate your free time into earning passive incomes. What is a passive income, you ask? Passive income is any source of income where you do not take part actively but do it on a less regular basis, like in your free time which continues to earn money for you even while you sleep. To have a strong financial foundation, having more than one income source is very essential. You can read it in every financial book or hear it from every great investor that having more than one source of income is of the vital importance.

So, you understood that and want to take up on your own passive income venture, but you are confused about how to get things rolling initially. If this is your dilemma then do not fear even a little because I am here to help you out with your problem. I will discuss some great passive income sources which you can take up in your free time and open many different channels of income. So, without wasting any time, let us get started.


Blogging took the world by storm a few years back and even today it is very popular. Many people have their own blogs which have become their primary source of income. If you also want to start an alternative cash flow you should consider opening a blog. There are various free and paid blogging platforms where you can get started. The main income for blogs are advertisements and affiliate programs. Your aim should be to write interesting articles which drive an insane amount of traffic to your blog.

Teach Online

Various educational websites online offers various educational courses from high school to college level. If you have a knack for teaching you can consider to create an online course as an instructor and upload them to various educational websites to set up a source of passive income.

Amazon FBA

I think this is the best source to earn money and many people have made this their primary source of income. You can sell your own products on Amazon, which is a huge worldwide marketplace and guarantees a plethora of customers. Things become more interesting when Amazon lets you use their resources to increase your sales, which are called Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). They provide with fast and free delivery and round the clock customer service. Inventories are maintained by Amazon themselves so you can focus on increasing your customer base and your business in the process. If you want to make good amounts of money FBA is definitely a good choice to start your journey.

Nuts and Bolts of How to Make Money Online – For Real

You see a gazillion emails everyday bombarding you for everything imaginable about making money online. How do you tell the difference between hype and ripe?

Well to start off, it has to be simple. You shouldn’t have to create web pages, you shouldn’t have to create capture pages, you shouldn’t have to write auto-responder messages.

Everything should be done for you. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

It doesn’t get any easier than this. All you have to do is learn to send traffic to a capture page to build your list so that you can follow-up and introduce them to you business flopportunity.

Get them from skeptical visitor to getting them engaged by sharing your story. (And everybody has one). Your job is not to sell them on the business, but to build a relationship with the people on your list.

Learn to be a Leader. Get out of the learning curve. Find a strategy that works and… Master It.

If you’ve never grown a business before, if you have zero business experience, no internet experience… you’re in the right place at the right time because there is nowhere better to learn all this… and nowhere easier.

Don’t get left behind – start your business online. It’s very easy to be a leader in your own home business.

You’re told… “We have everything here for you to help you develop the skills that you need to develop. You will learn how to turn those leads into members and to be the leader you want to be.”

Helping other people to realize their dreams, helping other people to become healthier, helping other people to understand or find a solution to the problem they’re having is pretty rewarding – pretty sweet, (and it helps that you’re making big money).

That feeling is what you need to fall in love with. Fall in love with helping the people whom you introduce your business to. You need to put YOU into your business. Engage, Learn, Teach!

And here is a million dollar idea for you…

When you wake up in the morning the first thing you need to do is decide that you’re going to have a GREAT day. Regardless of what went on yesterday, regardless of how good or how bad your results are, regardless of the amount (or lack of amount) is in your bank account, wake up and decide…

Getting Ranked On Fiverr

Just like getting a #1 position in Google, achieving a high “rank” in Fiverr is one of the most effective ways to achieve traction with their service.

Regardless of what you’re offering, being highly ranked on any of the “category” pages is what gives you the ability to determine exactly what you’re trying to achieve in terms of growth with the service.

The point is that whilst offering a service (which actually generates results) is of the utmost importance, there are a number of things you can do to encourage the growth of your brand / account by utilizing a series of “tricks” / “tactics” to help improve your overall rank.

Before we begin, the most important thing to realize is that Fiverr doesn’t really want you to “game” their system. You generally get more of what you don’t need (not what you actually need), and as such if you’re in “need” of getting ranked, you’ll generally not feel the benefits of it.

You need to provide a service which actually works before even considering the rankings of your gigs…

With that out of the way, it’s vital to first understand that Fiverr – like Google – uses a number of “factors” to determine which gigs show at the top of its category pages.

These factors are the ones you need to focus on in order to ensure that you’re able to get the most effective ranks on the system. To this end, the factors are as follows:

  • Reviews (both number and rating)
  • Number of orders (including queued)
  • Completeness of profile (is your profile complete)
  • Quality of “Gig” (extra services, images etc)
  • Keywords

If you’re able to effectively “optimize” your gigs to fulfil the requirements of the above, you’ll stand a better chance of making progress. However, it does not guarantee success or buyers…

  • Reviews
    Each time you “complete” an order, the buyer is prompted to leave a review. This typically means they will provide the user with feedback and a “star” rating to denote the quality of the work provided. Obviously, having a healthy account with many 5-star orders means that Fiverr will value the input of the account, and thus be more disposed to ranking it higher. There’s no other way to get reviews than to provide good work. Whilst you may wish to create several smaller “gigs” ($5 article writing or something) to get some quick buyers, the overall way that Fiverr ranks the results is based on the number of reviews over a sustained period.
  • Number of Orders
    Some “gigs” on Fiverr are being purchased at the rate of 40+ per day. These orders tell Fiverr that the service provided by the account is not only in demand but of high quality. To this end, if you’re looking at getting ranked highly, it’s obviously going to be helpful to have a number of new orders coming in on a daily basis. The only way to increase order velocity is to provide a VERY good service at a very inexpensive price. For example, if you have an SEO service – offer it at 50% the price you’d normally hope to achieve for the first 3 months. This will give you the ability to attract more ephemeral buyers whilst you build up the “gig” to something more substantive.
  • Completeness of Profile
    Make sure you upload a good profile image, list your qualifications / achievements and generally provide people with the ability to identify your core strengths without you having to tell them. They say that success leaves clues. Your profile should be a “tattoo” of your quality of work – meaning that if you are serious about getting your gigs ranked on their platform, you should ensure that each of your gigs has the most appropriate content in its description, quality images and you respond to any requests quickly and completely.
  • Quality Of “Gigs”
    Next, the “quality” of any gigs posted on the system is also important. Adding extra services, writing a complete “description” of the gig and generally having a system which allows people to provide users with the ability to see what they’re buying before they pay for it – allows users to get the most out of the system in the most effective way. It’s generally a good idea to add multiple price-bands to your gig, as well as ensuring that you have any of the underlying copy written correctly.
  • Keywords
    Finally, the “keywords” of your gig matter a lot. If you add a number of keywords, keep them specific to the service you’re looking to provide. This not only ensures that you’re able to get the most out of the system, but that Fiverr is able to effectively provision the gig in the search results etc.

As mentioned, these are only guidelines. If you want more information about how to make money with Fiverr, you basically need to provide a service and present it in a way which focuses on specific results.

The Benefits of Listing Your Business in an Online Local Business Directory

Nowadays, listing on the business directories is essential for any business to have an online presence. Top business listing sites can amplify your company’s reaches effectively. Directories which focus on customer reviews are very important. It shows how good/bad certain companies/organizations are. Hence people will know which one would be the best or suitable to opt for. If you are already listed you can efficiently work for better reviews and enhance the reputation.

Positive reviews after all generate more customer satisfaction and growth will therefore be inevitable. Negative reviews however will have an inverted/opposite effect with the same amount of intensity as positive ones do.

Pertinent for search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a digital marketing process where one can promote his/her website to a search engine’s preference. In other words, search engines such as Google will showcase your website on the first page when a topic relating to your company gets searched due to the amount of information it derives from the internet.

Such is possible if your website is listed in a certain number of listing sites. The more information a search engine is able to acquire from the internet’s database the more preference that particular website gets and hence will be featured on the front page for hundreds of people to view.

Increasing brand awareness through the internet

As already mentioned, the internet provides a massive platform with everyone connected conveniently. When users search in any free business directory a list of results gets generated which may showcase your business as well.

A brief description, image or snapshot will be featured along with the list of businesses so as to give people better ideas about where to click for further favorable results. In such an instance people will go through your business as well. This in-turn creates a lot of awareness for your brand and people will come to know about it even if they don’t click it for more information.

Advanced filtering mechanisms

Such directories have a special mechanism that can link your business directly with your target audience. There are filters and suggestive features that can classify your concern according to its type or description and altogether showcase your company to the audience who actually are looking for people like you.

This process is also referred to as B2B marketing. Clients can check out your website everyday and you can also record any progress that gradually takes place. One can also connect sites to any local advertising company. By adding reviews, bios and attaching links for your brand the visitors for your website will progressively increase over-time.

Improving one’s brand identity

This is one of the most crucial parts of online directories. When listing a particular brand we can always make it impressive by adding catchy features such as images, descriptive texts, creative punch-lines and general information such as name, address, etc.

The competition in the online market is obnoxiously high so marketers should be wary about creating an impressive image for people to see and appreciate. One can always add positive reviews so that people may develop a better impression regarding the particular brand.

Getting good responses from people on the internet ultimately means that you are able to make your business relevant for hundreds of people who stream through the World Wide Web everyday. This process therefore lucratively develops your brand identity in the entire global market.

Shivu Singh, An Article Writer, helps corporation for promoting their business online, So they get the better opportunities to reach there targeted audiences. For local businesses, it is better to add their business to a local business directory.